Incure Thermally Conductive Adhesives are suitable for bonding copper heat exchange tube to steel cores, aluminium heat sink to power semiconductor devices. These thermal conductive epoxy adhesives exhibit excellent mechanical strength, low shrink rate and thermal properties. Incure thermal materials provide solutions to a variety of electrical, electronic and thermal design problems throughout industry.
    Overview of Product Spectrum  
    Product Description   Ratio Color Viscosity (Mixed) Volume Resistivity Dielectric Strength Thermal Conductivity Temp. Resistance  
              cps ohms-cm volts/mil Btu-in/hr-ft2-°F °C  



Thermally Conductive, Aluminum-Filled, Two Part Epoxy Paste   100:12 Grey 10,000 1.0 x 105 50 12.5 300  
Thermally Conductive, Aluminum Nitride Filled, 1:1 Epoxy Paste   1:1 Grey 35,000 1.0 x 1015 250 8.5 204  
    TC-9033 Thermally Conductive, Aluminum-Filled, 1:1 Epoxy Paste   1:1 Grey Paste 1.0 x 105 80 9.0 204  
    Package Size: Pint 473.18 ml / Quart 946.35 ml / Gallon 3.79 ltr