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  Ultra High Bond Epoxy  
  Incure Ultra High Bond Epoxy Adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide range of substrates.
These high-bond epoxy adhesives exhibit exceptional bond strength, high lap shear and peel strength.

Talk to our Application Development Team for a suitable recommendation.
    Overview of Product Spectrum  
    Product Application   Ratio Color Recommend Cure Viscosity (Mixed) Hardness Dielectric Strength Volume Resistivity Temp. Limit  
              hr/°F cps Shore volts/mil ohms-cm °C  
    UHB-100 Milky Clear, 10:1, Low Viscosity, Exceptional Bond Strength Epoxy Compound   100:10 Milky Clear 2/150 5000 85 380 1.0 x 1015 -55/175  
    UHB-200 Ceramic Filled Epoxy, 1:1 Two-Part, High Lap Shear and Peel Strength, Autoclavable   1:1 Black 2/150 45000 78 410 3.0 x 1013 -55/165  
    Package Size: Quart/Gallon