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  Temporary Peelable    
  Silicone Mask                
  Incure Temporay Silicone Mask is a peelable masking RTV silicone coating developed for applications requiring a form fitting temporary protective cover. CC-637 is a 1-Part silicone peelable silicone that when applied to the substrate, cures to a pliable, removable, protective covering within a day. When cured, the elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV and high temperatures. CC-637 silicone adhesive sealant compound works well in automatic and manual dispensing equipment.  
  Fast Room Temperature Cure              
  Clean Release from Plastics, Metals, and Painted Wood          
  Non-Corrosive Oxime Cure              
    Overview of Product Spectrum  
    Product Color Specific Gravity Working Time Viscosity Hardness Temp. Resistance Elongation Tensile  
          mins @ RT cps Shore °C % psi  
    CC-637 Translucent 0.98 8 80000 D85 -45 to 260 100 100  
    Package Size: 10.3 oz. cart. / 40 lbs. pail / 55 gal. Drum