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   3DCure® TDS Manual   Not Available    Compact Sensor TDS



3DCure is a unique system for measuring the energy density (J/cm²) and peak irradiance (W/cm²) accurately on large and/or multi-dimensional objects. Up to 32 sensors in any combination of UV bandwidths can be daisy-chained together and placed on every exposure surface in order to feed information back from up to 32 varied measurement points.

Part No.

 Compact Sensor

This small, robust, stable sensor is highly resistant to solarization. Sensors have sealed optics to prevent fouling and an optional air/nitrogen purge to keep the sensor clean and cool. Sensors connect to all of EIT’s online monitoring electronics. A 0-10V and a 4-20 milliamp signal output is generated for each Compact Sensor.

Part No.
132020 (UVA)

132022 (UVB)
132021 (UVC)
132023 (UVV)

uv meter CS-2
Part No.
132026 (UVA)

132025 (UVB)
132024 (UVC)
132027 (UVV)
   PALM Probe® TDS Manual     Not Available   Online UV Intensity Display Module TDS Manual   Not Available
 PALM Probe
This probe-type, wide dynamic ranged instrument measures peak irradiance (W/cm²) and energy density (J/cm²) in UV curing systems where measurement space is limited or readings can be difficult to obtain with other types of radiometers.
Part No.
130036 (UVA)
130018 (UVB)
130104 (UVV)
 Online UV Intensity Display Module
Intended for applications requiring a front mount display, this single UV lamp monitor receives an intensity signal from a Compact Sensor and displays the intensity relative to a pre-set 100% intensity (100% representing full output in a bandwidth of interest when the lamp is new).
Part No.
   MicroCure® TDS Manual  DIN Rail TDS Manual
Microprocessor-based, battery-powered miniature UV radiometer. Small Size: 1.3"L x 1.0"W x 0.25"T (33.0mm x 25.4mm x 6.4mm). Designed to measure UV dose in web printing, container curing, any tight access UV curing application. Fast sample rate - 2000 per second.
Part No.
132015 (2W)
132014 (10W)
uv meter Datareader
Part No.
DIN Rail
This single UV lamp monitor receives an intensity signal from a Compact Sensor. DIN Rail units have no panel display, and rely on shared display capability. The 0-10V analog output is proportional to UV and is designed for PLC or other control system feedback.
Part No.
   Uvicure Plus® II and UV Power Puck® II TDS Manual   Multibrite® TDS | Manual   Not Available

Uvicure Plus
Uvicure Plus II and UV Power Puck II are small, portable, self-contained radiometers that measure UV peak irradiance (Watts/cm²) and energy density (J/cm²) in UV curing applications.
Uvicure Plus II
Part No.
130051 (UVA)

130049 (UVB)
130047 (UVC)
130053 (UVV)

er UV Power Puck II
Part No.
130045(High Power)

Multibrite can monitor up to 4 UV lamps simultaneously and receive an alarm when any lamp drops below a user-settable threshold. The unit displays the output of up to 4 UV lamps in relative intensity from 0-199% (based on what is pre-selected to represent full output when lamps are new).
Part No.
   SpotCure® TDS | Manual     

SpotCure UV Intensity monitor is a hand-held UV radiometer used to measure the output of spot-curing systems to determine light guide degradation. SpotCure's measurement head accommodates light guides of various sizes. The unit displays the peak irradiance in W/cm².

Part No.
130004 (UVA)
130105 (UVB)
130106 (UVC)
130005 (UVV)

   UV PowerMAP® and UV MAP Plus® TDS | Manual     
 UV PowerMAP
These profiling and temperature measurement systems travel through a UV system and collect data on peak irradiance (W/cm²) and energy density (J/cm²) as well as temperature. The collected information is viewed with PowerView® software in graphic or tabular format and can be archived for historical purposes.
UV Map Plus
Part No.
130033 (UVA)
130103 (UVB)

130032 (UVC)
130034 (UVV)

uv meter UV PowerMap
Part No.

      EIT 3DCure®, EIT Compact Sensor, PALM Probe®, EIT Online UV Intensity Display Module, EIT MicroCure®, EIT DIN Rail,
EIT Uvicure Plus® II and EIT UV Power Puck® II, EIT Multibrite®